The Future

At the end of 2013 I started Red Collar Books with the hope of becoming a small press to publish other’s books and such. Well, self-publishing took off and everyone can do that without any help from me. Yay for us. I started my own writing journey long before 2013 and have seen many changes in the industry, most of it good. Lately, some of the shenanigans within the community has left a sour taste in my mouth, making me question what I’m doing and how I can survive it all. I’ve taken a major step back to reassess my place in this writing world. It’s taken me almost three years to finally feel something like hope — I was ready to give it up altogether. But since I’m a writer first and a publisher second, I had to go back to my roots and dig around for the reason I started this journey to begin with. All that said, I’m in a mindset right now that is ultra protective of that smidgen of writer’s hope, and I will go to the mattresses to keep it safe. I don’t know what that means for this website. It may disappear when my domain is up for renewal. The domain will remain but the website may not. I’ve already trashed a pen name, but the stories I wrote under that name will probably reappear, expanded into full length novels and under my own name. For now, that’s all I can muster. After 2014 I took a beating, but I refuse to let publishing, regardless of the path, destroy my love of writing.

Thanks for all those who have read my books and supported me. It’s been an interesting journey. Now, where’s my tshirt?