This is an excerpt from the opening of DADDY’S GIRL. Official release date: June 21st.


The dog carried the bloody fetus in his mouth like a hunting prize. The tiny body was swaddled in a pink button-down shirt. The sleeves hung at the dog’s side, dragging through the frost covered weeds, flapping like wings in the breeze.

“Max, put that down and get over here.”

Unhurried by the call of his owner, Max held on to his spoils until he was in front of his master. He dropped the baby on the ground at his feet, stared up into his horrified face, and waited for a pat on the head and “that’s a good boy.” It never came.

“What the hell did you get into now?” Max’s owner dropped to his knees and reached for a twig. With it, he lifted the fabric here and there to confirm it was what he thought. Bloodied and blue, marked with small cuts on its arms and legs, the fetus underdeveloped. Without taking his eyes off the bundle, the man whipped out his phone.

Teaser from Daddy’s Girl